Pet Wellness Care

At Copeland Veterinary Hospital, our goal is to help your pets share more healthy and happy years with you by providing pet wellness care customized to cover each life stage. From giving your new kitten or puppy their vaccinations to keeping your older pets comfortable, our veterinary clinic is your partner for the long-term care of all of your pet family members!

While proper diet and plenty of exercise are critical foundations for your pet’s health, we also recommend physical exams, diagnostics, vaccinations/immunizations, and of course parasite prevention.

  • Physical Exams - An annual visit with your pet helps us establish a baseline for their health, which allows us to address any ailments quickly as we continue to see them as they grow!
  • Diagnostics - Testing both your pet’s blood and their stool on a regular basis to understand your pet’s inner workings, while checking for parasites, infections, and any other internal issues, keeps your pet healthy.
  • Vaccinations - We vaccinate based on your pet’s needs. Vaccinating helps increase your pet’s disease-fighting antibodies for a stronger immune system!
  • Parasite prevention - Fleas, ticks, and heartworms are a serious threat to pets, regardless of their lifestyle. We recommend continuous, year-round parasite prevention so your pet and your family is always protected.
Give your pet the best health with wellness care

Give your pet the best health with wellness care

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Did you know your new pet should meet their veterinarian as early as 6 weeks old? During this visit, we'll set your pet on the right path by checking for worms (and providing deworming treatments), ensuring your pet's overall health from nose to tail, advising on the proper diet for optimal growth and development, and beginning their vaccine boosters for gradual disease immunity.

The team at Copeland Veterinary Hospital will also providing you and your family support on what to expect on your pet's behavior, housebreaking, socialization, and so much more!


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